3G Unrestrictor 5 Released With Support For iOS 5 [iPhone 4S & iPad 2 Compatible]

iOS developer Kim Streich has just pushed an update to his famous 3G Unrestrictor tweak. Its called 3G Unrestrictor 5 and as the name suggests, it has been fully optimized for iOS 5 and will also work on iPhone 4S & iPad 2 devices (once the A5 untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak is made public). The tweak has been completely re-written from ground up and provides users a complete freedom of running apps over their regular data connection by convincing WiFi restricted apps that they are operating on a wireless network when it is actually a 3G, EDGE /GPRS connection.

Owners of the original 3G Unrestrictor can upgrade to the version 5 for a limited time for a price of $0.99, while new users can buy it for $3.99 from the Cydia store. Here is what you can do with 3G Unrestrictor 5:

  • Make and receive FaceTime calls!
  • Use iCloud’s Photo Stream!
  • Make automatically iCloud backups!
  • Watch high quality YouTube videos and the ability to choose between low, medium and high quality
  • Download apps bigger than 20MB from the AppStore
  • Download music, TV shows and podcasts bigger than 20MB from the iTunes Store
  • Play online games, which usually only work on WiFi, like Order and Chaos or Modern Combat
  • And much, much more since 3G Unrestrictor works with almost all apps 3rd party apps that restrict you in any way on 3G like for example Audible!