Customize ‘Slide To Unlock’ Slider Size & Text With “SliderWidth” Tweak [Cydia]

Yet another iOS customization tweak hits the Cydia store called SliderWidth. As the name suggests, this simple jailbreak tweak lets users set the width of ‘Slide To Unlock’ slider on their iPhone or iPad’s lockscreen. However, in addition to allowing width adjustment, the tweak also packs the ability to add a custom text to the slider.

The users can also change the lockscreen camera button options using SliderWidth tweak. It is possible to remove the camera button from the lockscreen altogether or even use the iOS 5.1 button on an older version of iOS.

Once you install the tweak, you can configure it from the Here is the developer’s description:

Adjust the Width of the Lockscreen Slider to anything you want. Also has the ability to change the slider label “slide to unlock”.

Different Settings for iPhone/iPod and different for iPad. Control everything using Settings.

Compatible with iOS 5+ on all iDevices.

By ravirajm (Twitter: @rv1raj)

“Think Different” ~ Apple Inc.

You can download SliderWidth via ModMyi repo for free on Cydia.