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How to Remove Twitter Quick Bar from iPhone: Twizzler via Cydia

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Did you update to the latest iPhone version of twitter? Then you probably noticed the new Quick Bar. Personally, I don’t like it. The bar gets in the way of scrolling for tweets and reduces the size of my timeline.

iOS developer @chpwn appears to have felt the same way. He just created a tweak called Twizzler that removes the Quick Bar. It’s free and downright awesome.

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How to install Twizzler? Easy. Just search for it in Cydia and install it. It’ll require a restart of your Springboard. Launch twitter, and the Quick Bar will no longer be there.

Before (not #winning):

After installing Twizzler (#winning):

Thanks to @chpwn for creating this awesome tweak! You can check out his other cool apps here:

Do you like the new twitter Quick Bar? Let me know if Twizzler works for you!

Update 1: users have reported this latest update to crash on their iPhone.

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