iPhone OS 4.0 Theme, Now in Cydia

I’m sure you’ve had a chance to see the iPhone OS 4 preview last week, and are excited for all the new features. There are copies of the first beta floating around the internets right now, but you have to have your device registered with Apple’s iPhone Developer Program to activate your iPhone, after the install. Unfortunately, you cannot downgrade to 3.1.3, afterwards, so you’ll be stuck, if you don’t install the beta properly.

So, what are the main reasons you want to upgrade to 4.0? Multitasking? Folders? Custom wallpapers on your home screen? Well, you can get all of that, if you have a jail broken iPhone. You just need to install “Backgrounder” for multitasking, “Categories” for folders, and “Winterboard” to change your home screen wallpaper.

Now that you have the functionality of iPhone OS 4.0, you want to top it off with this simple theme I made. It is now available in Cydia, under the ModMyi repository This theme includes the new dock, the new calculator icon, and the wallpaper featured in the keynote that previewed the new firmware.

To install this theme, simply open Cydia, search for “iPhone OS 4 Theme”, and tap install. You’ll need Winterboard to activate it. Once activated in Winterboard, your device will respring with the look of iPhone OS 4.0.

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