Jailbreak For iOS 6 Is Being Prepared Before Apple Even Launches The Beta

Earlier this morning, the long waited iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak was released (and then updated). However, elite hackers behind the many different jailbreaking methods are not ready to stop.

According to a report from Softpedia, the 2012 Hack in the Box event being held in Amsterdam showcased work from the Dream Team (a jailbreaking group), in which the team revealed that they are already hard at work jailbreaking Apple’s upcoming iOS 6.

The group reportedly already has plans ready for the yet unreleased iOS update. As the group states, they have no intention of stopping the jailbreaking of iOS devices and that they “have a part of the jailbreak for iOS 6 and will be ready right on time for it”. Amazing.

When asked what does the development process of jailbreaking look like, the team explained:

“We will not give you the exact recipe, but we have other exploits that we won’t release at any time. This is our secret. It allows us to inject stuff into new devices and to start dumping the memory. When we have the dumps, we look at different ways of finding the vulnerability,”

As stated in the interview, each member of their team works differently and this work ethic enables the team to find vulnerabilities quicker. However, they only start exploiting the vulnerabilities when the final version of the iOS update is released.

It is for this reason why iOS users typically experience short delays for a given jailbreak because the team wants to ensure the exploits will work perfectly. In other words, think of it as a quality control measure.

So for those of you with jailbroken devices that want to keep your jailbreak for iOS 6, it looks like the future is going to be bright.