Over 10 Million Crash Reports Sent to the Chronic Dev Team in Six Days

Last week, the Chronic Dev Team released a tool for iOS users to re-route their crash reports so they would be sent to them, instead of Apple. This plan was to accumulate information towards a new untethered jailbreak exploit, as existing loopholes had been closed by Apple.

Joshua Hill just sent out a tweet that they have received over 10 million reports in less than a week–10,071,868 to be exact. Impressive stuff that reveals just how passionate people are about jailbreaking their iOS devices. It’ll be interesting if anything emerges from all these crash reports.

@p0sixninja goes on to report they will be using the program MapReduce to allow them to analyze the data in seconds, rather than days. I’m pretty amazed at the number of reports sent in. Let’s see what kind of nuggets The Chronic Dev Team will discover.

Are you still waiting for an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5?