Pod2g Continues To Find More iOS Exploits

In a recent poll, pod2g asked the public whether he should save his latest jailbreak for iOS 6, or burn the 5 exploits he has right now on an iOS 5.1 jailbreak. Overwhelmingly, the vote seems to be, burn ’em all and release now! Pod2g has not commented on the results of the poll, but he has yet to release a new jailbreak, based on these exploits. There are still 2 days left to vote in this poll, if you have not already.

Today, pod2g tweeted that he has found 2 more iOS vulnerabilities, one kernel and one root. These could produce untethered jailbreaks, but he did not mention what version firmware or processors he was working on. Should we assume the latest?

It looks like he is saving them, saying he has to be secret. With iOS 6 potentially coming out this fall, with the first preview possibly been shown off at WWDC in June, we can expect more updates from pod2g in the coming months.

The past few firmwares have proven to be harder and harder to crack, so I agree that it’s important to not burn too many exploits. It would be handy to have a few tucked away for future firmwares and devices. This is assuming that Apple doesn’t find the vulnerabilities on their own, and fix them before they can be used for a jailbreak.