Quick Reply for Messenger – Quickly Reply to Facebook Messages and Chats


Making our iOS experience more streamlined and more efficient is something a lot of us strive for. The “quick reply” method for replying to texts, messages, and tweets is a great way improve your iOS usage, as it lets you reply to your messages without leaving your current task.

We recently saw Quick Reply for WhatsApp released in Cydia, and today another tweak has been released to bring the same functionality to the Facebook Messanger App. Quick Reply for Messenger works just the same as other quick reply tweaks. Depending on how your notifications are set up, the default pop up is replaced by the Quick Reply for Messenger pop up where you can reply, view in the app, or disregard for later.

“A tweak to quick-reply Facebook Messenger push notifications from anywhere including Lock-Screen.”

Requires iPhone, iPod Touch with iOS 5.0+ and Facebook Messenger from AppStore.

Facebook Messenger daily users?
Sick that you have to open an app to reply to Facebook Messenger push notifications?

** Then you have gotta try this **

To reply to Facebook Messenger push notifications -> Before this tweak,
1: Tap Notifications to open Messenger.app
2: Reply
3: Close Messenger.app
4: Open the previous app

With QuickReply For Messenger,
1: Tap to reply to push notifications
2: Continue using the current app

*** (3) days FREE trial ***

Note: If you have purchased TwitkaFly before, you can grab this for just $0.99.

Configure options from Settings

I tried this out today, and it delivers what it promises. To set this up, you just go into the Settings app and enable it. Then connect the tweak to Facebook and you’re ready to go. I have my pop up notifications turned off, so when a new Facebook message comes through, I tap the banner and the quick reply sheet pops up. Easy and smooth. I can reply to the message and just continue on with what I was doing. I thought it was odd to choose black for the design color of the pop up. I think I would like to see it in “Facebook” blue. That’s just a personal preference though.

Quick Reply for Messenger is available in Cydia now, in the Big Boss Repo. It comes with a free 3 day trial, and if you want to purchase it, it is $1.99.