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Saurik Makes Cydia Substrate Available for Android Users [VIDEO]

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Cydia substrate is making its away over to Android users, as Saurik has launched a new website detailing Substrate for Android, potentially bringing over your favourite iOS tweaks to the dark side.


According to Jeff Benjamin over at iDownloadBlog, WinterBoard is already available.

To enable Substrate on your Android device, you must first, of course, root the device. According to the Cydia Substrate website, Substrate should work with a variety of Android devices from 2.3 through 4.2.

After you have gained root access to the device, you’ll need to install the APK, run the application, click Install, and grant Substrate Superuser access. After that, it’s all gravy, or in theory it should be. The APK can be downloaded directly from the Cydia Substrate website, or from Google Play.

Benjamin has made a short video of Substrate for Android on his Kindle Fire–check it out below:

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