Top 5 Jailbreak Tweaks for the iPhone 4S in Cydia [Video]

Jailbreaking opens your iOS devices to a lot of different tweaks and customization. And with so many options in Cydia, it can be tough to go through them all.

I’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Jailbreak tweaks I’ve made to my iPhone 4S. By no means are these the definitive best five, but they are the ones I’m getting a lot of use out of right now, and ones I think add more functionality to the iPhone 4S.

I should point out, only one of the tweaks is limited to the iPhone 4S, and that’s because it’s a change to Siri. So the others can likely be used on your other iOS devices. Just make sure to check the descriptions within Cydia.

Here is my list:

  • SBSettings (free)
  • AnyLockApp (free)
  • Infinidock + Cascade (both are $0.99)
  • Zephyr ($2.99)
  • VoiceUtils (free)

Other Jailbreak tweaks members of iPhoneinCanada are using.

  • Winterboard (free)
  • iFile ($4.00)
  • PkgBackup ($7.99)
  • Cyntact ($1.00)
  • xMessages (free)
  • My3G ($3.99)
  • BiteSMS (free)
  • CyDelete (free)
  • SiriToggles (free)
So please feel free to let me know which tweaks you think are the best.