Adobe Strongly Urges Users to Update Flash to Prevent Remote Attacks

Flash player 10 mnemonic no shadow3 480x480

According to a report by AppleInsider, Adobe has strongly urged Mac, PC and Linux users to apply the latest Flash updates and prevent attackers from remotely taking over and controlling their computers. The company has recently disclosed a new vulnerability in its Flash platform, that affects Flash Player and earlier on the Mac, Flash Player and earlier on Windows, and Flash Player and earlier on Linux.

“Mac owners and those on Windows-based PCs should update to Flash Player, while users running Linux should update to Flash Player Those using the versions of Flash installed alongside Google’s Chrome browser or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 and 11 will receive updates automatically”.

Security firm Kaspersky Lab reports that the vulnerability is “located in the Pixel Bender component, designed for video and image processing.” Exploits seen in the field using this bug are somewhat unique, using slightly different code depending on the operating system being targeted.

A similar security flaw in Adobe Flash, affecting all platforms, was also reported earlier this year. With the release of Safari 7 in OS X Mavericks, Apple sandboxed Adobe’s Flash Player to protect Mac users from malware targeting Flash vulnerabilities.