Apple Allegedly Considers Shifting iMac Orders to Pegatron


Digitimes reports that Apple has allegedly decided to shift its iMac orders from Quanta Computer to Pegatron Technology; at least, this is what supply chain sources whisper.

Apple reportedly may shift some of its iMac orders from Quanta Computer to Pegatron Technology, with some related upstream supply chain players revealing they sent iMac components to Pegatron recently; however Quanta Computer and Pegatron both said they have no knowledge of the reports and refused to comment on clients.

Quanta Computer is a major supplier for Apple’s MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac, and these orders are estimated to account for roughly 50% of the manufacturer’s revenues.

However, upstream supply chain sources cited by Digitimes claims that supply chain players have already sent iMac components to Pegatron recently. Both companies decline to comment on the matter.

What is known, however, is that Pegatron used to manufacture MacBooks for Apple and the company is familiar with related production, and if Apple is indeed planning to separate its orders, Pegatron could be one potential partner.

This isn’t the first time rumours surfaced that Pegatron will manufacture iMacs: a similar rumour was circulating about the IT market three years ago and then again last year, but nothing materialized.

Pegatron, however, was the target of a China Labor Watch investigation, which found severe irregularities at three of its facilities.