Apple Building Expensive “Prototype” TV Sets For 2012 Launch

We have been hearing rumors of an Apple branded TV set every now an then for the last couple of years. A new publication by Fortune quoting analyst Gene Munster (via 9to5Mac) claims that according to Gene, all evidence is pointing to a launch as soon as next year. Among the newly presented evidence from him is a claim that prototypes of the Apple television set are now “in the works”. Munster also points to several patents and patent applications filed by Apple addressing the company’s work into television-related technologies as further evidence of the company’s interest.

Citing from the source:

A significant hurdle to a full-fledged Apple (AAPL) television set (as opposed to the Apple TV set-top box), Munster writes, is combining live television with shows previously captured on iCloud. “Perhaps this code is precisely what Jobs believed he has ‘cracked,’” Munter suggests, adding that Apple could use the new Siri voice activated system “to bolster its TV offering and simplify the chore of inputting information like show titles, or actor names, into a TV.”

As noted by 9to5Mac, if Apple does build a TV set as rumored, the product could well cost up to $2,000 which is double the current price for a typical 40-inch television in the market. According to analyst Brian White, Apple’s TV set could delight with “unmatched aesthetics and an unrivaled user experience” due to its integration with Apple’s iTunes and iCloud. He added:

In our view, features such as Siri, FaceTime, the App Store, iTunes and gaming are a natural fit for a full blown Apple TV, combined with potential new features and technologies in the future.