Apple iPhone 4 Coming to Canada…in July 2010!

July 16th, 2010 Update: Official: iPhone 4 Release Date in Canada on July 30th

Unless you’ve been sleeping in cave, you probably caught part of today’s announcement of the new iPhone 4 at the 2010 WWDC by Steve Jobs. This brand new iPhone is the exact same prototype that Gizmodo leaked on the internet!

Some of the newest features include a thinner design, an all glass casing, two cameras to include video chat, 5MP camera with LED flash, better battery life, and more. But out of all the new features, the moment I was waiting for eagerly was when could I buy the iPhone 4 in Canada?

The Apple iPhone 4 is Coming to Canada in July 2010

Last year the iPhone 3GS was launched in Canada to coincide with the US launch. That was pretty awesome for Canadians. Compared to previous years when the iPhone 3G arrived on July 11th, 2008 for Canada, and the original iPhone shut out of all countries except the USA.

Our American friends get the iPhone 4 on June 24th. As for Canada? We weren’t in the list of countries for the June 24th launch (we were beat out by France, the UK, Germany, and Japan!), but listed with a whole bunch of others for an unspecified July launch. Yup, that’s right–expect the iPhone 4 in Canada in July. As for pricing in Canada, I would expect it would be same $199/$299 for the 16gb/32gb models.

Why Was Canada Shut Out From the Initial Release?

I find this very strange. Japan and France was included with Canada for the iPad’s May 28th launch. As for Canada being shut out of this first release, it could be due to a variety of reasons. Apple could be targeting major worldwide markets first or possibly there were issues with the “Big 3” carriers in Canada (Rogers/Bell/Telus) that caused us to miss the initial launch. What do you think?

Either way,  it looks like once again Canadians will practice what they’re pretty good at–waiting for the latest gadgets to hit our shores. If you can’t wait, you could drive down to the USA and buy an iPhone 4 on the June 28th launch date. With the iPhone Dev Team issuing a statement about an imminent iOS 4 jailbreak/unlock, you could definitely go that route–but it’ll require some work.

What do you think of the new iPhone 4?

I think it looks pretty awesome, except I thought storage would increase considering the option to take 720p videos at 30fps will eat up memory fast. We will have a full iPhone 4 round up post coming shortly. An all glass design is nice but what happens if you drop it? The antenna built into the frame is very innovative and I’m also happy about the increase in battery life.

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[Photos from: MacRumors, Engadget]