Apple’s MacBooks Still #1 For Reliability, Tech Support: Consumer Reports

While it’s no secret that Apple manufactures some pretty expensive products, especially their line up premium MacBooks, it’s important to look at the benefit from paying such an amount: the best reliability and tech support.

Every year, Consumer Reports runs a survey with its subscribers, asking their opinions on everything from electronics to cars, appliances to computers. Through this survey, the publication is able to learn what products consumers prefer, and why. In their latest survey, almost 83,000 subscribers gave their opinion on computers.

As far as laptops and desktops went, Apple came out as the most reliable according to Consumer Reports‘ subscribers. Additionally, Apple’s tech support was, by a wide margin, the highest rated of all other rated companies.

According to the publication, they ask subscribers to “…to recall if their laptop has broken or stopped working as well in the past couple years since they bought it. Specifically, we ask about laptops that have been purchased new from 2012 through 2016, and predict the breakage rates at 3 years of ownership.”

Among the top laptop brands, Apple’s “broken or not working as well” percentage is 17. Other brand percentages: Samsung 27; Dell 29; HP 30; Lenovo 31; and Asus 33. Additionally, Apple’s “trouble rate” is 15 percent. Other brands included Lenovo at 24 percent, Samsung at 25 percent, Dell at 27 percent, HP at 27 percent and Asus at 29 percent.

“9,756 Consumer Reports subscribers also weighed in on their 2016 Technical Support Survey, covering support experiences with 14,889 desktop, laptop, 2-in-1 PCs, and Chromebook computers,” reads a report from ZDNet. Apple came out on top by a wide margin at an 82, while second place Microsoft earned a 68, with Dell at 56. A reader score of 80, means respondents are very satisfied on average; 60, fairly well-satisfied; and 40, somewhat dissatisfied.

As Apple fans, we are all well aware of the so-called “Apple Tax” we pay to enjoy their products. We know it’s worth it despite those that might disagree, and it’s nice to know that the majority of other consumers agree.