Apple Says M1 iMacs in Yellow, Orange, and Purple Available Online-Only

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Apple says only select colours of its 24-inch iMac will be sold in Apple Stores, ahead of online pre-orders which start tomorrow.

The company’s press release this morning stated, “iMac configurations in green, pink, blue, and silver will be available to purchase directly at and Apple Store locations, and all seven colours will be available at”

In other words, when Apple Stores start getting the new 24-iMac in stock, only green, pink, blue and silver will be available to purchase. Fans of yellow, orange and purple will need to order them online on

From a logistics standpoint, stores may not have enough room to carry stock of all seven colours of these 24-inch iMacs, as their boxes are larger than iPhones, for example.

Apple likely expects yellow, orange and purple to be popular iMac colours, and funnelling customers online may result in more sales of other products as well during COVID-19, with walk-in traffic limited at Apple Stores.

But this is just a heads up for those expecting to see all seven iMac colours available for purchase at an Apple Store, because that’s not going to be happening.

Apple also launches pre-orders for its M1 iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K starting tomorrow morning as well.