New Backlit Apple Wireless Keyboard Shown in the Apple Store Online [PIC]

It appears a new backlit Apple Wireless Keyboard is coming, as the company’s online Czech store has leaked the update, as first spotted by Letem svetem.

As you can see in the image below, the new keyboard has some changes we’ve highlighted in red. The F5 and F6 keys show the backlit keyboard controls, whereas before these keys were just the function keys. Also note the Eject button in the top right is now a power icon. If you think the return key has shrunk, this appears to be a regional thing.

Screenshot 2015 03 23 09 45 35

Here is the Canadian Apple Wireless Keyboard below for comparison:

Screenshot 2015 03 23 09 51 29

Apple’s Canadian online store isn’t showing the new keyboard yet. The current version retails for $89 CAD.

While the Apple Wireless Keyboard looks great, personally I don’t like it for long term use as it hurts my hands. The Das Keyboard for Mac is my weapon of choice when I’m talking to you folks.

Would you be interested in getting a backlit Apple Wireless Keyboard?