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Designer Imagines Apple’s Time Machine Backup for iPhone [PICS]

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Designer Jordan Singer has imagined what Apple’s Time Machine backup for Mac would look like, if it was ported over to iOS.

On Monday, Singer said “what if we had Time Machine on iOS?”, then shared the following images:

Ios time machine

As you can see, his Time Machine concept for iOS allows you to go back in time based on specific days, just like the feature for Mac:

Time machine ios 2

Here’s Singer’s version of what Time Machine could look like for iOS and iMessages:

Time machine ios 3

Apple’s current iCloud backup performs daily backups when your iOS device is charging and connected to Wi-Fi. iPhone owners can only access complete restores from the days backups are created.

It’s unlikely we’ll see Time Machine for iOS anytime soon, but it’s always nice to see these Mac features ported over to the iPhone in concepts.

[via MacGeneration]

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