iFixit.com Launches Online Store And Free Repair Guides

Apple hardware fans, listen up!

The folks from iFixit.com have released over 200 repair guides covering every Mac Mini and iMac that Apple has made since 2004. All of these repair manuals are now available FOR FREE from iFixit.com! There are also extensive iPhone and iPod guides available.

iFixit is known for its very detailed guides and excellent documentation processes. The step by step directions are very clear and concise allowing even a novice or beginner to become their very own Apple Genius technician.

Each repair manual includes in-depth disassembly guides, troubleshooting tips and upgrade information. Each guide also has very high resolution photos, over 1,400 in total, to provide an easy visual aide during a repair/upgrade process.

To go along with the guides, iFixit is debuting an online store that will sell iMac parts such as hard drives, RAM, glass panels, power supplies, disassembly tools and much more! This joins the existing iPod and iPhone stores.

iMac Guides & Store

The iMac repair manuals cover all 17″ and 20″ iMacs manufactured by Apple since 2004, including both the G5 and Intel iMac models.

There are over 184 iMac repair guides, including 1,000 photos to aide in diagnosis and repair. Some of the highlights is information on how to remove the iMac glass, upgrading RAM (why pay Apple?) and hard drive replacement.


iMac Glass
iMac Glass2

Mac Mini Guides & Store

The Mac Mini repair manuals cover all manufacutered Mac Minis since 2005. These include the G4 and Intel Core Solo and Core Duo models.

There are 57 Mac Mini repair guides covering topics in RAM, wireless cards and the logic board. The parts available in store for the Mac Mini include RAM, hard drives, optical drives and enclosures.

Mac Mini

Mac Mini2

So, if you want to save some cash on your upgrades and repairs, or if you just want to brush up on your Apple tech, check out the iFixit guides and online stores!