John Gruber’s iPad Interview With the CBC via Nora Young

John Gruber from always has insightful analysis of Apple movements and is known on the net as an authoritative figure in the “Apple-space”. His blog is one of the most popular technology blogs on the internet (his linking to the CBC Spark Blog caused them to exceed their bandwidth and get suspended!). Yesterday he did a 15 minute interview with Nora Young from the CBC to talk about the Apple iPad.

John was at the iPad keynote and had a chance to use the iPad hands on for about 20 minutes. His reaction to the iPad can be summarized by this: speed. Apple’s latest in-house designed A4 processor is a screamer–I can only imagine the next iPhone equipped with this chip or a variation of it.

Click here to listen to the 15 CBC minute interview in MP3 format. It’ll play right on your iPhone.