New Mac Pro Shipping Estimates Drift to March at Apple Stores Online

Mac pro

Shipping estimates for Apple’s all new Mac Pro, especially those of stock configurations, have now moved to March in many of Apple’s online stores around the world, as pointed out by MacRumors. The source also notes that these estimates were previously listed at February, though a few weeks shift does not necessarily reflect a worsening supply situation.

“The new March shipping estimates are in effect for stock and build-to-order configurations throughout Apple’s online stores for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC) operational regions.”

The estimates in Apple’s stores for America however remain at February for now. Nonetheless, the change in shipping estimates elsewhere does indicate that Apple is not making up significant ground as lead times appear to be remaining in the six-week range.

Did you by any change order a Mac Pro online? Have you noticed any change in your shipping estimate?