Microsoft: iPhone 4 Is Apple’s Windows Vista

Today during the Microsoft Partner Conference, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner had a few words about Apple’s iPhone 4 issues.

Turner took the opportunity to note that Windows Phone 7 devices should not have any issues when holding the device, as with the iPhone 4, holding the device near the bottom left corner produces wireless reception degradation.

More interestingly, Turner likened the iPhone 4 to Microsoft’s own Windows Vista. As many know, Windows Vista was a far from decent operating system and development problems with Vista helped Microsoft competitors get ahead in the operating system space.

The idea here is that with the iPhone 4 issues, this could be an opportunity for competitors (Microsoft) to get ahead with their own devices (Windows Phone 7).

“It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I’m okay with that,” he said. “We’re back in the game [at Microsoft], and this game is not over.”

Turner’s statements seem to indicate that Apple may have a product image crisis on their hands and a product recall or case giveaway may improve public perception of the iPhone 4.

The entire iPhone 4 versus Windows Phone 7 segment seems to have an ironic aura surrounding it, especially considering the recent Microsoft Kin (a short-lived mobile phone project from Microsoft) failure.

What do you think? Has the iPhone 4 signal issue caused a negative brand image/public perception of Apple, where competitors such as Microsoft will now get ahead?