Perpetual Radio: Podcasts for Canadians

The following is a guest post from Nile Livesey and the Perpetual Radio Team. (Editor’s note: Do you love podcasts? Here’s another one worth checking out! I’ve been a guest on their show before–good times! Don’t forget about our new podcast too!  -Gary)

Apple is one of the companies near and dear to our heart, as you might imagine. Wether it be the iPhone, iPod or the iPad, Apple seems to be in the news all the time. But what about the other products and services designed by our friends in Cupertino? We’ve got you covered! Mac Dose is your weekly source for everything Apple, from MacBooks to iPads, Magic Mice to Apple TVs, we report on it all.

You can catch Mac Dose, recorded live every Sunday at 8p EST, Mac Dose covers all the Apple news, from a Canadian perspective. Listen live at or by following @PerpetualRadio on Twitter.

PRN is a Canadian technology news site, covering a wide gamete of topics. Our cellular industry show called “What the Cell” covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Canadian cell phone news and stories, hardware and much more! What the Cell is recorded live at 7pm EST.

Our recently launched social photography podcast, “Full Frame”, as chosen by our audience, discusses the social aspect of photography and video.With a wide panel of hosts, we get the news you desire, and the events you need to attend. Covering national social events, and photo walks all around, Full Frame records Tuesday nights at 7pm EST.

All of our show notes, articles, bios and more can be found at