Apple Refurbished 2018 MacBook Air Gets Price Drop to $1,129

Refurbished mac apple canada

Apple this morning refreshed its 2018 MacBook Air (True Tone) and also its 13-inch MacBook Pro (8th-gen quad-core processors; True Tone; Touch Bar and Touch ID and T2), while also dropping prices by $50 and $30 respectively.

Prices now start at $1,449 CAD for the MacBook Air and $1,699 CAD for the MacBook Pro.

If you’re looking to get a 2018 MacBook Air for cheaper, has refurbished models right now at a slightly lower price than before, available starting at $1,129, which is $140 cheaper than before at $1269 CAD (back in February 2019).

Refurbished 13 3 macbook air 2018

Apple is listing a revised MSRP of $1,329 for a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 with 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD, with refurbished savings of $200, taking the final price to $1,129. Pay an extra $110 more and you’ll get a 256GB SSD.

If you’re looking for an entry 2018 MacBook Air and you do not need today’s True Tone update, a refurbished model saves you $320.

Apple previously had this 2018 MacBook Air listed at $1499 CAD retail for a new model.

The previous-generation MacBook Air is also listed in the refurbished store, at the same price as the 2018 refurb MacBook Air at $1,129.

Refurbished Apple products are close to good-as-new, as they are covered by the company’s 15-day return policy and a standard one-year warranty.

It is worth noting with today’s launch of Apple’s Back to School promo offering free Beats for select Mac and iPad purchases, refurbished products are not eligible.

Click here to visit the refurbished store and nab a 2018 MacBook Air while they’re still available. Stock usually moves quickly.