10 Helpful Apple Watch Tips you Should Know, Explains Apple [VIDEO]


10 apple watch tips

Did you just pick up an Apple Watch recently? Apple has shared a new video detailing “10 helpful Apple Watch tips you should know”.

  • Tapbacks with Messages
  • Quickly find your iPhone
  • Turn on water lock
  • Turn off water lock
  • Rearrange or delete apps
  • View apps as a list
  • Use Camera shutter
  • Switch audio output
  • Change watch face complications
  • Mute alerts with your hand

“These ten tips will help you make the most of your Apple Watch. Learn how to customize its display options, trigger your iPhone’s camera shutter, mute an incoming call, and more,” explains the Apple Support video.

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Great list of tips. I didn’t know you could tap and hold on the find iPhone icon to keep the pinging going. Check out the video below: