Yahoo Shares 10 ‘Pro Tips’ on How to Master the Flickr iOS App

If you’re a fan of the Flickr iOS app, the team from Yahoo has detailed with images a list of 10 pro tips when it comes to using the app, specifically after its recent 3.0 update.

Here are the ten tips: 

1. Want to focus and expose in two different spots on the screen? Use two fingers to tap the screen and get two different targets for focus and exposure.

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2. Tap either or both to toggle between locked or continuous focus and exposure.

3. When composing your shot, you can swipe either right or left to get helpful composition guides

4. When composing your photos or shooting your videos, you can apply filters live and see what effect you’re going to get as you go.

5. Once you’ve selected a filter, tap it again to make additional adjustments. Swipe up and down to get even more filter adjustment options.

6. When you’re shooting video, press and hold the red button to record a clip. Then press and hold to add another clip. You can press the minus button to remove a clip you don’t want to use.

7. You can use your phone’s flashlight feature while shooting video to get that perfect low-light party shot.

8. The new Flickr app has enhanced the ever important rotate/straighten feature so you can be sure your horizon lines are accurate and balanced

9. For quick uploads from your camera roll, hold down the camera icon in the Flickr app and you will jump right to the camera roll on your phone.

10. Once scrolled down into a section like “Public” or “Albums,” tap on the section tab to immediately scroll to the top of that section.

You can visit this page here to view high resolution images illustrating each of these 10 pro tips.

Click here to download Flickr for iOS—it’s free.