157 New Emoji Coming to iOS Devices Later This Year

On Wednesday, the Unicode Consortium revealed the finalized list of 157 emoji that will arrive as a part of the Unicode 11 standard.

The blog post by Emojipedia offers iOS users a glimpse at the new characters they will likely have access to later this year. The set of 157 emoji includes a variety of smiley faces, superhero and supervillain characters, animals, sports equipment, food and more.

New for 2018 are modifiers that allow vendors to give man and woman emoji various hairstyles, from curly-haired to red-haired to bald. As usual, you will also be able to apply a range of skin tones to all standard characters, including the new superheroes.

Lobster and microbe characters are among the more interesting animal emoji in Unicode 11, while useful food items include leafy greens, bagel and salt. The new standard will also offer support for mooncakes often seen at Mid-Autumn festival gatherings, and red good luck money envelopes.

The Unicode Consortium is bumping emoji version enumeration to match that of the current Unicode Standard, meaning the upcoming update will be called Emoji 11.0 instead of Emoji 6.0. The latest Unicode standard is at version 5.0, which debuted in 2017.

Unicode 11 is set for a June release, and iOS users can expect to see an implementation in iOS 12 in the Fall.