1Password Introduces New Developer Tools, Brings Support for SSH Keys

1Password has just been updated to bring full support for creating new SSH keys, keep them organized, and make them securely available everywhere you need them with just a few clicks.


Many toolchains and workflows rely on SSH keys, which requires logging into remote servers for proper configuration. Users also need to protect the generated key, keep it backed up, and have it available when setting up new machines. 1Password can now take care of all of this.

Simply follow these 3 steps:


  1. Enable the SSH agent in 1Password > Preferences > Developer
  2. Configure ssh to use 1Password
  3. Generate an SSH key in 1Password and add the public key to each service (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, etc).


1Password now also makes it a snap to log in to GitHub and then proceed to:


  • Generate a new SSH key (either Ed25519 or RSA)
  • Fill the public key directly where it’s needed
  • Store the key securely, and
  • Authorize access using Touch ID when git asks to sign a message


You can visit this blog post to learn more about all the new developer tools coming to 1Password.