Android Outpaces iOS in 2016 Internet Trends Report

According to the annual Internet Trends Report for 2016 presented by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker, iOS has seen just a 2 percentage point increase in market share over the past six years, while Android has exploded from a 4% presence in the industry in 2009 to a massive 81% in 2015. Meeker believes the trend will continue, with iOS projected to see a year-over-year loss of 11% in unit shipments while Android gaining another 7% in 2016 (via MacRumors). 

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Meeker also predicts that Apple’s average selling price per unit will dip this year for the first time since 2012, mainly due to Apple’s introduction of the lower-cost iPhone SE and the cheaper price tag of smartphones in the company’s expanding global markets. The Cupertino company is predicted to see a 9% decline in ASP, dropping off from $717 in 2015 to $651 in 2016.

Unlike in years past, global smartphone unit shipments are slowing “dramatically,” for both Apple and Android-supported devices. Expansion for the smartphone market as a whole has stagnated, going from a peak in 2010 at nearly 80 percent year-over-year growth, to just about 15 percent in 2015. 

Global smartphone user growth is seeing a similar slow-down; understandably, the largest markets with the least amount of smartphone proliferation have the biggest upticks in year-over-year increments. These include Asia-Pacific, which has seen a nearly 20-percentage-point increase in smartphone user share over the last seven years and now accounts for over half of the total market. 

I recent years, Apple has been attempting to gain a larger foothold in China, and now looking towards India as its next area of focus.