Apple’s 29W Power Adapter Charges 12.9″ iPad Pro 2.5x Faster [TESTS]

According to recent tests performed by MacStories’ Federico Viticci, Apple’s new 29W USB-C power adapter is found to charge the 12.9” iPad Pro 2.5x faster as compared to the 12W power adapter included in the iPad Pro box. Both the adapters were tested with same baseline settings i.e. a 12.9-inch iPad Pro in AirPlane Mode and Background App Refresh disabled.


The test results showed that it takes 1 hour and 33 minutes for the 29W adapter to charge an iPad Pro from 0% to 80%, while the 12W model needs 3.5 hours. In 10 minutes with the screen turned off, the 29W adapter charged the iPad Pro by 9.7%, whereas the 12W adapter charged it by only 2.9%. Furthermore, at full brightness while on the Home screen, the 29W adapter charged the iPad Pro by 7.5% in 10 minutes, while the 12W adapter charged the iPad by 1.1% only.

The 29W USB-C power adapter with fast charging on the iPad Pro isn’t only capable of quickly charging an iPad Pro while its screen is turned off – most notably, it can both sustain and power the device considerably while it’s working hard used at full brightness. The 29W adapter is remarkably consistent in battery gains in a variety of conditions and it dramatically reduces the amount of time required to charge the iPad Pro.

The performance gap between the 29W and 12W power adapters is simply too big to ignore.

So if you are a 12.9” iPad Pro user who wants to spend less time charging the device and end up with more battery, more quickly, then the 29W USB-C power adapter seems to be a worthy investment.