TPK Rumoured to Manufacture 3D Touch Screens for Next-Generation iPhone

TPK may re-enter Apple’s supply chain, sources familiar with the matter have told the Taiwan-based United Daily News. As it turns out, Apple is looking to add a 3D screen to the next-generation iPhone as a key selling point, so TPK could be the right supplier to deliver such touch panels.

Iphone 6 display

You may recall that TPK dropped out of Apple’s supply chain when the company adopted in-cell touch panels: that was with the launch of the iPhone 5. Since then, Apple has been using the same technology, but is actually exploring the world of 3D. Unfortunately for current touch screen suppliers, the in-cell technology isn’t fully compatible with 3D image formation and is allegedly more energy consuming, prompting Apple to search for other supplier.

As it turns out, TPK is able to supply naked-eye 3D touch panels, alongside Foxconn touch panel manufacturing subsidiary, GIS.

A source speaking with iPhone in Canada revealed that Apple has finalized the list of features of the next-generation iPhone(s). Since every device has a key selling point, 3D could be the one for next year’s models. However, at this point this could be just speculation.

Fact is, since it lost Apple as partner, TPK’s sales have dropped, as iPhone orders accounted for roughly 40% of the company’s revenue.