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3G iPhone Coming in 60 Days!

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…according to Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal. In a report from 9to5mac, Walt speaks about broadband in the US, and near the end of the segment, he mentions that the 3G iPhone will be here in 60 days. News coming from Walt should be a good source I would think, given his history with the iPhone.

If you don’t know who Walt Mossberg is, he was one of the “secret” testers of the iPhone before it was released in the US. He got one of the units and just loved it. If history repeats itself, then it is most likely that Walt is using a 3G iPhone courtesy of Apple. Who knows if he accidentally spilled the beans on the 3G release, given all the recent rumors surrounding the issue.

In the following video, title “How the FTC Should Stop Calling DSL Broadband“, Mr. Mossberg spills the beans at 6:35 in…watch it for yourself:

Considering how the iPhone is not even in Canada yet…this might be a hint that it could be coming. But then again, what’s the point of a 3G iPhone in Canada, if our data plans here are just pure and utter poop? We need a new GSM carrier in Canada, NOW folks!

Thanks 9to5mac!

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