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50 More iOS 10 Features Apple Didn’t Mention at WWDC [VIDEO]

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EverythingApplePro has released yet another video showcasing 50 more “hidden” features of iOS 10, essentially features Apple did not have time to highlight on stage at WWDC. The video is a follow up to the first one posted earlier this week, which showcased 50 features as well.

With every new iOS release, it’s just not feasible to publish a post for every single new feature or tweak, so the video below does show some interesting features and changes, such as:

Watch the Latest Apple Technology News Below

  • When deleting an app, ‘Cancel’ and ‘Delete’ text in the pop-up prompt has switched positions
  • New colour filters to customize screen colours in Accessibility
  • 3D Touch now works on the Assistive Touch icon
  • Alert icons when you leave known Wi-Fi hotspots; warnings when joining unknown networks
  • 3D Touch on an app downloading allows options to pause or share
  • 3D Touch on any third party app to share
  • Messages now predicts who unknown senders could be based on history
  • iMessage: sending ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy new year’ automatically adds the balloons or exploding fireworks effect

More iOS 10 features and tweaks can be seen in the video below:

iOS 10 beta is currently available for developers, while the public beta hits testers next month, followed by a public release in the fall.

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