A Few Last Minute High Quality Shots Of A ‘iPhone 5’ Dummy Model [PHOTOS]

Apple’s anticipated event will begin in just over 24 hours, but that won’t stop us from posting even more photographs of the iPhone 5’s rumoured design. The guys over at iMore have obtained one of those dummy models we’ve been posting over the past few weeks. The photographs show the same exact phone, but they are in high quality.

Take a glance above, this is the bottom-end of the dummy device. The 8-pin dock connector and re-positioned headphone jack is shown in excellent quality. If remarked that the connector looks like cheap plastic, be reminded this isn’t a real iPhone 5.

These dummy iPhone models are manufactured by Chinese companies based off of rumours and physical leaks. They are only sold to provide case manufacturers an early head-start at designing a next-gen case.

Now here is another shot of the dummy device. This really shows just how nice the two-toned back plate is. The back plate on the iPhone 4S was full-glass, so it will be nice to have a phone that isn’t vulnerable to cracking on both the front and back.

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