A Photographic Evidence Of How Much iPhone 4S Camera Has Improved [PHOTOS]

Over the past few years, one area that has been steadily improving in smartphones in the mobile camera technology. Back in 2007 when the original iPhone was launched, it was fitted with a camera which could barely shoot any decent shots with less megapixels, no auto-focus and no flash. Many people quoted it as “a joke” since many smartphones from market leaders of that era, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, had way better camera specs. Since then, Apple has been spec-boosting iPhone’s camera and today, iPhone 4S comes with an 8-megapixel shooter capable of 1080p video recording at 30fps. Not only this, it also sports a five-component lens that is much more sensitive to light than all its predecessors.

Photographer Lisa Bettany has an interesting post (via PetaPixel) over at Camera+ comparing the iPhone 4S camera to the previous iPhone models and a couple other cameras as well. It’s an interesting look at how much iPhone 4S camera has improved since the original iPhone.

Check out the full resolution photos here for a much better idea.