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Adobe, WordPress, and Anchor Launch .new Google Shortcuts

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Google introduced .new domain extensions in 2018 that allow businesses to build novel shortcuts into their products. Since then, more than 200 .new domains have come to life, providing shortcuts to common tasks within popular services like Medium, Asana, GitHub, and more.

Whats new

Now, Google has put together a collection of notable shortcuts at, allowing users to browse all the .new shortcuts currently available by category, including the latest shortcuts from Adobe, WordPress, and Anchor.

Below are a few examples:

  • The next time you need to convert a file into a PDF, try using from Adobe Acrobat. All you need to do is drag and drop your document into their online PDF converter and watch it transform into a high-quality PDF that’s easy to share and looks great on any screen.
  • Create stand out social media posts in just a few clicks with from Adobe Spark. Start from thousands of templates, choose from millions of images, icons, and stickers to add to your design, and brandify with your own logos, colors, and fonts.
  • Ready to make your own podcast? It’s easy and free with Anchor, Spotify’s all-in-one podcasting platform. Go to to record a new episode.
  • Want to start a new blog? Head to to create your account and join millions of bloggers. (Already have a website? Try to draft your next blog post.)
  • Whether you’re working from home or organizing a virtual happy hour with friends, go to to launch a real-time meeting from your browser using Google Meet.

Check out for more than 200 Google shortcuts.

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