‘AirBands’ Let You Stick Your AirPods to Your Apple Watch

A new Kickstarter campaign aimed at preventing you from misplacing your AirPods offers a silicon band for the Apple Watch called the ‘AirBand’ that lets you attach your AirPods to your Apple Watch. The AirBands double as holders for your AirPods and AirPods Pro with two loops located just below the Apple Watch screen.


According to the project’s creator Matt Youngblood, while the AirPod case is an excellent storage device for keeping your AirPods safe, there are certain times where it just isn’t convenient.

“Sometimes you just need to store your AirPods for a moment as you pull out your credit card at checkout or when you run into someone when working out,” notes Youngblood, adding that it is in those gaps where an AirPod gets lost or stolen.


The campaign has already raised US $2,308 of its US $10,000 goal with 42 days still to go. Is there a need for a product like this?

[via The Verge]