Apple Doesn’t Include New Ear Cushions With AirPods Max Warranty Replacements

If you need a warranty replacement for your new AirPods Max headphones, you likely won’t receive new ear cushions as part of the replacement.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple does not include ear cushions when replacing AirPods Max headphones. One reader experienced this first hand when they ran into an issue with the Digital Crown on his AirPods Max headphones.

Damien Menn sent the headphones in for repair at Apple and, instead of fixing and sending his original headphones back to him, replaced the entire unit — except for the ear cushions.

“My AirPods Max had an issue with the Digital Crown,” tweeted Menn. “I received a replacement pair today! They come inside those little ‘sockets.’ Also, no ear-cups included, unlike the AirPods Pro that ship with new silicon tips.”

This appears to be a cost-cutting move on Apple’s part, as a new set of AirPods Max ear cushions go for $69 USD at retail.

While there will likely be situations where Apple will include new ear cushions when needed, don’t expect them to send new ones unless the issue is with the cushions themselves. Then Apple could simply send you a new pair of cushions since they’re magnetic and can be easily replaced.