All Apps Can Now Perform Like Safari, Thanks to iOS 8 WebKit

Thanks to changes in the iOS 8 WebKit, all apps will now be able to use the same improved JavaScript engine that powers Safari, as highlighted by 9to5Mac. Previously, apps made by third-party developers with built-in web browsers were unable to achieve the same level of JavaScript performance as the stock Safari app. But now, all apps can perform like the native Safari browser.


When iOS 7 was launched, Apple restricted use of its improved Nitro JavaScript engine to its own app, leaving third-parties with a slower version. However, the decision has been reversed by the Cupertino company, starting with iOS 8. As a result, Google’s Chrome browser on iOS will now be just as quick as Safari, as will the browsers embedded in apps like Twitter and Facebook.

Apple recently unveiled its biggest developer release in the form of iOS 8 SDK, with more than 4,000 new APIs and new frameworks like HealthKit, HomeKit and CloudKit, in addition to an all new ‘Swift’ programming language.