Alleged Images of iPhone 5S Lightning Connector Surface [PICS]

MobilesPie points to an iPhone component supplier Case Parts (a TVC-Mall subsidiary) which has posted images of what they claim to be the iPhone 5S dock connector with a charging port flex cable.



At first glance the alleged iPhone 5S component looks identical to what we can find in the currently available iPhone 5 (see iPhone 5 teardown from iFixit), but a closer look to the component reveals small design changes, which is in line with earlier reports of interior design changes instead of a totally redesigned handset.


iPhone 5S-speaker

iPhone 5S-speaker 2

A quick search on the supplier’s webpage reveals another alleged iPhone 5S component, a loudspeaker — associated with the iPhone 6 –, among other parts such as volume button with flex cable and vibrator motor parts, as well and the already leaked SIM tray.

We can’t really tell if these images are legitimate – but compared to what we have found on the website as iPhone 5 parts they show some minor differences. In case they are, these parts could reinforce earlier rumours of an iPhone 5S with fingerprint scanner.

Mobiles Pie has pointed to several component leaks before. They were the first one to spot the iPhone 5S loudspeaker earlier this month on the same website.