AllThingsD Confirms iPhone and iPad Mini Will Have Two Separate Events This Fall

Right off the heels of a report by John Gruber of Daring Fireball, the highly reliable AllThingsD was able to confirm that Apple will be announcing the iPhone and iPad Mini at two separate events this fall.

At times in the past, speculation arose that Apple may indeed be announcing the products at the same event, but after some thinking, we concluded it wouldn’t make sense. Apple’s goal would be to have the spotlight on one product. If the Cupertino company releases both groundbreaking products at the same event, consumers may happen to choose one over the other.

Here’s what AllThingsD had to say:

 Apple’s next generation iPhone and its so-called “iPad mini” will debut at two separate events this fall, rather than a single one as has been widely speculated, according to several sources.

Confirmed by the title of our source’s story, the iPhone will be announced in September (no surprise) and the iPad Mini will follow behind with an announcement in October.

The unconfirmed event date for the iPhone is September 12th, following the speculated release date on September 21st. We have yet to receive word on an exact date for the iPad Mini event.

But we aren’t finished yet – the iPod touch also has an anticipated release. Just earlier today we posted images of a few leaked iPod touch cases that may represent the device’s new form factor.

With the iPhone, iPad Mini, and iPod touch, we may be in for a busy fall!