Amazon Teases New Voices for Alexa, Debuting Super Bowl Sunday [VIDEOS]

Three days ago, Amazon shared a video which detailed their voice assistant Alexa, “losing her voice”, in what could be a case of the flu.

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Company CEO Jeff Bezos also cameos, saying “Alexa lost her voice? How is that even possible?” His staff replies to say “we have the replacements ready, just say the word.”

Yesterday, Amazon shared three new videos, with singer Cardi B, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and Australian actress Rebel Wilson opening a cardboard box to reveal a headset with mic. The clips end with the date February 4, 2018, suggesting we’ll find out what happens during the Super Bowl.

Will we actually get new voices for Alexa, or is this just a build up to the company’s Super Bowl Alexa ad, which looks to be a good one (you’ll be able to view U.S. commercials again in Canada this year).