Alexa Wireless Earbuds Rumoured to Release with Built-in Fitness Tracking

Citing a source directly involved in the project, a report by CNBC News is claiming that Amazon is looking to release Alexa-powered wireless earbuds with built-in fitness tracking features, that would mark the e-commerce giant’s first official move into the health device space.


Codenamed “Puget,” (assuming named after Puget Sound in WA State) the rumoured earbuds will feature a built-in accelerometer to monitor things like distance run, calories burned, and pace of running. The source, however, did not say anything about an estimated release date for the device.

At the same time, the source noted that Amazon is also working on a chunkier Echo device with superior sound quality. Again, no release details for such a device were shared by the source.

Both products would fit into Amazon’s strategy to place its Alexa voice-assistant everywhere — in home and beyond. The new earbuds will give access to Alexa on the go, letting users talk to the voice assistant even in outdoor areas. The bulkier Echo, meanwhile, is designed to be the central speaker in Alexa’s core home market, as it comes with a woofer and a higher-quality speaker than the original Echo.

Amazon is expected to showcase several new products at its annual hardware event in Seattle on Wednesday.