Amazon Launches Blink XT2 Smart Security Camera in Canada, Pricing from $119.99

Blink xt2

Amazon has released a new 1080p smart security camera, the Blink XT2, built for indoor and outdoor use and powered by Alexa. Amazon acquired smart security camera startup Blink back in late 2017.

The all-new Blink XT2 has a new processor which allows it to run on just two AA lithium batteries for two years and comes with live view, enhanced customizable motion detection, infrared night vision and two-way talk. These are also rated at IP65 water resistance so you can have them placed outdoors.

The new Blink XT2 is also priced at 25% less than the original, starting at $119.99 CAD.

Blink xt2 new

The Blink XT2 includes free cloud storage, no contracts and no monthly fees, with a Blink Sync Module required to use the camera. The Blink XT2 one-cam system with Sync Module is available for $129.99.

Here’s what’s available now:

These new Blink XT2 cameras will start shipping to Canadians on June 26, with pre-orders available today. Click here to place your pre-orders.

Update May 8: An Amazon spokesperson sent iPhone in Canada the following statement regarding battery life, to clarify what ‘two years of battery life’ means:

Two AA lithium metal batteries last up to two years, based on an average use per day of 8 seconds of Live View, 60 seconds of motion-activated recording, and 6 seconds of two-way talk. XT2 provides nearly double the seconds of use as the original XT when used exclusively for Live View and motion-activated recording. Battery life will vary based on device settings, use, and environmental factors. Use of two-way talk will reduce battery life.