Here are a Few Amazon ‘Prime Day’ Deals for Canada on July 15

Amazon is set to launch its big Prime Day sale on Wednesday, July 15, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and will include deals for Canadians.

The exclusive sale is only for Amazon Prime members, which means it’s also a way for people to try out the service that offers free two-day shipping on all orders fulfilled by Amazon. The company says there will be “more deals than Black Friday”, a way to hype up the sale.

The company has sent us a couple ‘deals’ via email Canadians can expect on Wednesday—check them out below:

Amazon usually discounts their Fire HD tablets and Kindles 1-3 times per year. At $49, the Kindle is pretty much going to be an instant impulse buy.

In the USA, Walmart is also launching their own sale this Wednesday to combat Prime Day, saying “you shouldn’t have to pay $100 to get great deals.” No word on whether this will extend to Canada.

We’ve reached out to Amazon to ask what other deals they can share, so stay tuned for updates.