This is How Amazon’s Smartphone Looks Like In New Leak [PIC]

Bgr amazon smartphone kindle fire phone

Earlier this month, an interesting leak obtained by BGR revealed that Amazon’s long rumoured debut smartphone will be packed with a custom 3D interface unlike anything seen before. Today, the same source has got its hand on the very first unobscured image of Amazon’s smartphone, which reveals the handset’s rear and front design for the first time.

“The image above is the first to reveal the design of Amazon’s debut smartphone. Multiple trusted sources have verified the authenticity of the image, which was created for internal use by graphic designers at Amazon. As can be seen in this new image published exclusively by BGR, Amazon’s phone will feature an overall look that is similar to many full touch smartphones currently on the market.”

Previously, rumours and leaks have suggested that the device will be covered by a protective housing designed to prevent unauthorized people from seeing the phone’s hardware. But looking at the above image, it appears that instead of an all new handset design, Amazon’s smartphone takes design cues from several existing phones including the iPhone, Galaxy S and even the HTC One lineup of smartphones.

The device appears to sport a polished, chamfered bezel and is reportedly comfortable to use with one hand. The source notes that Amazon’s unique gesture controls were designed in part to make one-handed operation of a large phone as easy as possible.

Amazon is expected to unveil its first of many smartphones to come, later this year.