Android Continues to See Higher Customer Retention Rates Than iOS

According to new data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Android continues to see higher customer retention rates than iOS, showing that Android customers have been more loyal to Google’s mobile operating system.

In 2017, Android saw a 91 percent loyalty rate, compared to 86 percent for iOS. These loyalty rates have remained the same since early 2016. The numbers were measured by the percentage of customers that remained with the respective operating system when they activated a new phone over the prior twelve months.

In a statement, Partner and Co-Founder of CIRP said:

“Loyalty for both Android and iOS increased in 2015 and into 2016, when it leveled off for both operating systems. Loyalty is also as high as we’ve ever seen, really from 85-90% at any given point. With only two mobile operating systems at this point, it appears users now pick one, learn it, invest in apps and storage, and stick with it. Now, Apple and Google need to figure out how to sell products and services to these loyal customer bases.”

With Android, customers have a wide selection of different smartphones that iOS customers simply don’t have access to. This especially appeals to those looking to spend less than $800-$1000 on a new device.

When you look at the rate at which people are switching to the opposite operating system, iOS wins out, as more customers are switching from Android to iOS on a regular basis.

[via TechCrunch]