Another ‘iPhone 5’ vs iPhone 4S Video Surfaces Comparing Parts [WATCH]

More ‘iPhone 5’ parts have surfaced, this time via a video comparison that compares new parts to those from the existing iPhone 4S. MacRumors points us to a SmartPhone Medic video that goes over the new parts such as the front screen panels, flex cables and dock connector plus headphone jack.

Previous leaks have showed us the front panel, rear shell, dock connector plus headphone jack, larger battery and the new USB cable with smaller connector. Earlier, MacRumors also pointed to some questionable blurry images of what online Asian forums believe to be the next logic board.

The video below shows the clear differences between the new ‘iPhone 5’ parts and those of the iPhone 4S. Is there anything we don’t know about the next iPhone yet?

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think:

With all of these leaks, what other surprises will Apple have in store for us on September 12th, the date of the supposed ‘iPhone 5’ announcement?