App Updates: Dropbox, FaceBook

There have been a couple new updates for some of my favourite apps: Dropbox and Facebook. Dropbox 1.3 has introduced a new interface and Facebook 3.2.3 has a whole bunch of bug fixes. Less app crashes means more quality time for you to creep on your friends!

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Check out what’s new below:

Dropbox 1.3:

  • UI re-design with numerous visual enhancements including retina display support
  • File caching (no need to re-download files you’ve already viewed!)
  • Fullscreen landscape file viewing on iPad
  • Finish uploads and downloads while in the background
  • Create folders
  • Bug fix for viewing CSV and some broken HTML files

Facebook 3.2.3:

  • Improved, more streamlined login experience for developers using the Facebook SDK
  • Fixed a crash when receiving push notifications
  • Fixed a crash when navigating in Messages
  • Fixed inconsistent notification counts in notification bar and application badge
  • Fixed a problem where people would appear twice in Here Now on a Place view
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the toolbar to not be shown on a Place view

Note: Facebook Places is only available in a limited number of countries. We’re working on making this available in other countries soon.

I’m still waiting for Facebook Places to be released in Canada. Once that happens, I can pretty much kiss Foursquare good bye.

As for Dropbox, file-caching is an awesome feature. That was one of my pet peeves waiting for files to re-download. The option to set the cache size is a nice move. Well done, Dropbox.