Apple-1 Computer with Steve Jobs Handwritten Serial Number is Up for Auction

A special Apple-1 first batch computer with its serial number handwritten by the late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs has gone up for auction at Goldin Auctions, 9to5Mac is reporting.

Apple 1 aucition jpg

The auction listing includes an Apple-1 first batch computer complete with the original monitor, a Datanetics keyboard, modern cassette interface, power supply, cables, and a reproduction of the original manual signed by Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne with the inscription “Think Different!”

The serial number has also been authenticated to have been written by Steve Jobs.

According to the auction house, the Apple-1 has been verified to be in working condition by former Apple employee Daniel Kottke, who is one of the first persons to ever work on an Apple-1.

Here’s what the listing says:

“Presented here is the holy grail of vintage computer collecting, a first batch Apple-1. This first-batch computer is in working condition. This offering, standing at number seven on the Apple-1 Registry, is the only first batch example that has been up for auction in a number of years and is the first Apple-1 ever offered with an authenticated serial number (“01-0050”) handwritten by Steve Jobs.”

With the first bid coming in at $250,000, you can get more information about the auction at this link.